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Acus ONEFOR-BASS Amplificatore Basso 400watt

Acus ONEFOR-BASS Amplificatore Basso 400wattAcus ONEFOR-BASS Amplificatore Basso 400wattAcus ONEFOR-BASS Amplificatore Basso 400wattAcus ONEFOR-BASS Amplificatore Basso 400watt
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Marca: Acus
Cod. Articolo: 82730
Disponibilità: Non disponibile

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Designed for Bass Guitar, Cello and Double Bass, the OneforBass is a unique product of its kind in terms of quality, dynamics and acoustics.
Of extremely compact size and weight for a 400W power amplifier, the OneforBass is very versatile.
For each of three channels there are: Balanced XLR Input (selectable as a Microphone input or Instrument by the appropriate switch); Unbalanced Instrument Input; Phase inversion; Gain; Four-band Equalizer; Effect Send (for internal effects);
Volume; BSS Filter, this very interesting as it allows a very accurate control of the low frequencies.
In addition, channels 2 and 3 are equipped with SEND/RETURN for an external effect and compressor, which makes these channels particularly suitable for use with electric instuments, such as Electric Bass.
There are also Headphone output (with indipendent volume), anti-feedback Resonance Filter, Return Effect (for internal effects), Master Volume, 8 internal effects, Phantom power, Balance Direct Out (Pre/Post EQ, Line o Mic Level) and Tuner

Frequency Response 30Hz - 20kHz
Max Power Out 400W RMS
System format One way Amp
Sensitivity 1W 1m 95dB
Crossover Passive
Woofer 10" High Excursion
Tweeter compression tweeter
Box Low frequency
Construction Plywood
Weight 13 kg
Dimensions Height: 46cm
Width: 38cm
Depth: 31cm



    Via Ormea, 66 - 10125 Torino
    Tel. 0116694604
    Fax 0116504000
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    Siamo un'azienda torinese nata dalla passione per la musica 47 anni fa. Questo garantisce una buona esperienza e un'ottima preparazione per sfruttare al massimo la vostra passione per la musica.