XM T-5SR Batteria elettronica ex demo

XM T-5SR Batteria elettronica ex demo

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The first tom, second tom and floor tom all have two sounds, which can be programmed independently:Hoop and drumhead. The snare drum has 3 sounds: Hoop, drumhead and rimshot. Hoop and drumhead can be programmed independently. The bass drum has a single drumhead sound. Crash cymbal has both surface and choke functions. Ride cymbal has surface and bell sounds. Drums and cymbals can work together with a Roland V-drum module if necessary. Expand your kit, as the drum module supports up to 14 drums or cymbals. Five different complete drum kits available to play: Standard, Jazz, Latin, Dance and Rock. Comes with an extremely user-friendly graphic module interface. The bass drum comes mounted to the unique XM Rock Steady Bass Drum System, which ensures no matter how hard you play your double bass pedals, it never moves. This Edrum kit takes up a total area of 130cm by 120cm, including the drummer sitting in position.

Kit Configuration Drum Module XSM-5S x 1 10" Electronic Drum XED10 x 4 10" Electronic Bass Drum XBD10 x 1 XCRP11 Electronic Cymbal XCRP11 x 2 XH6 Electronic Hi-hat XH6 x 1 XM Full Body eDrum Rack XMRS-TSR x 1 BD (Bass drum) Pedal PEDAL x 1 Set of cables XL9 x 1 Dimension and Weight Box of Stands - A 86cm x 86cm x 15.5cm 25.1kgs Box of Drums - B 83.2cm x 31.7cm x 32.1cm 14.4kgs



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